Psychotic Reaction

An ode to 60's Rock 'n' Roll and the classic bump and grind that inspired her career. It's fun, it's naughty and it's filthy, as always.


This is not Felicity's first rodeo. She's here to shake things up, there's a new Cowgirl in town and she means business.

A fun, lively routine with whirlwind of tasseling. This has proved to be a crowd pleaser.


This was Felicity's debut routine which brought her onto the scene. Definition of cock rock; a masterful expression of sexuality, drawing the audiences attention to her prowess.

She will leave the audience screaming for more.

Satan Is A Woman

According to the Bible, Eve was the first to heed Satan's advice to eat the forbidden fruit and thus responsible for all of humanity's subsequent miseries. The notion of woman as the Devil's accomplice is prominent throughout Christian history and has been used to legitimize the subordination of wives and daughters. But darlings, you should know the truth. The truth is that Satan is a Woman and she is hotter then Hell.

The Rising Sun

Let's rise like a Phoenix from the ashes and reclaim our bodies! Felicity combines bump 'n' grind with her fire skills to bring an act of passion, breaking free from the prison of societies ideals and taking back control of her body. 

*Non fire version available.

She's On Fire

A tribute to the devils own mistress, Satan's Angel. Felicity took inspiration from the iconic image of Angel by Gene Laverne and brought it back to life. A mix of striptease and fire. This is hot as hell.

You Drive Me Wild

Felicity loves raw energy on stage. And she certainly brings that in this punk rock act. Celebrating kick ass women, and being in tune with your sexuality. You never know what you are gonna get.